Red Tag - Westford Ma Jo-anne Fabrics

Beverly, Massachusetts 0 comments

I purchased $60 worth of Red Tag fabric on a Saturday in Burlington, MA and when I got to the register the sales clerk said "Too bad, because the Red Tag starts tomorrow at 50% off" but she did not know the policy of my bringing it back to get the sale price.I went home and called to ask-They said absolutely no.

I called another Jo-Anne Fabric in Westford, MA and the manager there was as pleasant as could be and said even though I did not purchase there, she would honor that. I went there and got nearly $30 back, at which time I remained and spent it all back. The manager said she had hoped I would. She said.

I wish all the people I have sealt with in the past were like her.I intend to travel the distance to shop at that one from now on.

Pleased customer

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